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Natural Heritage Project 2005 – 2007

Project Summary & Species Lists
Project Completion Report
Total Volunteer Hours

Commencing in October 2005 this project was designed to involve the community in the work of the Country Park and to give an insight into the various activities of the staff and volunteers.

This report deals mainly with the recording of different species found on the
Park between October 2005 and October 2007 using equipment purchased using funding supplied by the N H P grant.

Equipment purchased to fulfil the aims of the project include a moth trap, butterfly nets and Longworth mammal traps, digital scales and digital calipers. Other equipment used for the purpose of bird ringing such as mist nets, rings and various measuring devices are licenced and are the property of members of the South Notts. Ringing Group.

Equipment already owned by the Country Park such as pond dipping nets, trays, magnifying collecting pots and pooters were used during the project as were hedgelaying tools including bow saws, loppers and billhooks. The Parks’ bat detector was also used.

Usage – Activities open to all
During the two years of the project seven different activities have been offered with 48 opportunities for public involvement. This also includes school parties coming to the park as part of their curriculum and engaging in bug hunts, pond dipping and tree identification.

The following seven activities are listed and show the number of opportunities and people involved, the time spent and the number of species found.

Activity Qty People Hrs Species
Hedgelaying 1 11 29 1
Bird Ringing 31 46 584 23
Moth Trapping 7 22 105 >150
Bat Walk 1 26 54 2
Fungi Foray 1 71 24 13
Wildflower Survey 6 7 67 46
Mammal Trapping 1 12 53 4

During the activities listed above and daily recording of flora and fauna the following numbers of new species for the park have been identified.

  No. of new species
Moths 122      
Birds 4      
Wildflowers 20      
Insects 9      
Trees 1      
Mammals 2      
Dragonflies 1      
Lichens 1      
Fungi 20      
Grasses 2      

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