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Ocober 2012


The Queens Award for Voluntary Service Ceremony & Celebration

Install completed Butterfly

Create Calendars & Reindeer Quest

Treasure Trail Maintenance

Mushrooms Maintenance

Convert office doors to stable type doors

Rake cut flower meadow edges

Install revamped bench in Gibbies

Plant wildflower bulbs on Labyrinth Bank

Sensory Trail Maintenance

Woodcarving & Project timber

Sell teas & Coffees


Mowing around lakeside new willow

Crown lift overhanging branches

Millfield Orchard – Complete preparing tree holes

Start cutting / splitting & bagging logs & kindling for firewood sales

Complete Tree Trail upgrade

Create Jubilee / Queens Award Mosaics

Gardening around EEEC

Footpath Repairs

Willow Coppicing

Selling Firewood

Selling Teas/Coffees


Fruit Bushes

Install new wooden carved benches


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