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May 2011


Wytham Residential – Tuesday 3rd to Friday 6th May
Wednesday 11th May - FoRCP Meeting 1-30pm RCP
Maintenance to compound & tree nursery
Willow Maintenance
Commence upgrade to Sensory Trail
Old fence line removal
Weeding flowerbeds around EEEC
Install new Pond Dipping Area Benches
Create new Ammonite Benches
Mark out new Labyrinth Area
Commence removal of turf labyrinth & new footpath
Weeding flower beds around EEEC
Top up Ponds from lake
Coppice poplar regen in Gibbies Wood
Complete upgrade of Directional signs
Bee Hive Check
Tool Maintenance
Maintenance to Bee Garden
Maintenance in Gibbies Wood
Sell Teas & Coffees


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