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November 2009


Wed 4th Nov FoRCP Meeting 1-30pm RCP

Construct first bee slabs

Commence woodcarving new pond dipping area bench

Construct new frog buckets

Construct new bird feeders for sale

Woodchip internal paths in Gibbies

Hedgelay Sea buckthorn around Turbine Compound

Maintenance to deep pond in pond dipping area

Gap up hedgerow around memorial wood

Measure plan & pH test areas for future hazel & willow coppice

Plant new hedge around composting toilet compound

Complete upgrade to 3D Model

Re-turf edges of tree nursery pond

Continue landscaping Bee Garden & Pond dipping area

Complete planting in and around maze

Coppice hazel for stakes & binders

Serve teas & coffees

Weed beds around EEEC


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