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October 2009


Remove soil from car park bank to landscape future bee garden area

Dismantle old pond dipping area

Create 4 new shallow dipping ponds in pond dipping area

Remove turf from car park bank

Use turf to edge new ponds

Construct bird feeders for sale

New signage for Maze

Hazel Coppicing for stakes & binders

Upgrade 3D Model

Training day for new servers of Teas & Coffees

Remake a compound gate

Weed beds around EEEC

Infill planting on and around maze banks

Install Treasure Chest in Maze

Repaint foyer puzzle

Thin out reeds in lakeside bunds

Promote FoRCP Health Leaflet

Serve Teas & Coffees

Willow Weaving

Woodchip internal paths in Gibbies

Weed Tree Identification Trail


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